Honesty and a true love for the art form have always guided Hayley in her professional dance career. Paone established a place for her craft in her local district as Artistic Director and Owner of iNhayle, where she provided a unique dance education for young artists in a nurturing company environment for over 7 years. Hayley most recently turned iNhayle into a free floating Dance Company where she produces, choreographs and creatively directs story based dance shows. Reaching a wider scale she is a sought after adjudicator and teacher across Canada. Hayley is a mentor and judge for “Young Creators challenge” assisting our future artists in finding their voices in the industry.

Hayley shares her unconventional and affective teaching methods working with many sought after professional and pre professional dancers to help them cultivate in the industry. Hayley was a faculty member at “Millennium Dance Complex Toronto” teaching weekly contemporary drop in classes sharing her craft and was Artistic Director for Both Company and Crew Pre professional training program as well as Sony Project Manager.

Paone has been directing and creating conceptual dance productions over the past three years and has been providing casting and performance opportunities for her students and artists in her community and throughout the GTA. Hayley’s work has been showcased at the Toronto Fringe Festival, Choreographers Ball, Hamilton Arts week to name a few.


Paone’s most recent venture Prerogative Toronto is a dance collective for Professionals as well as branding and mentoring for creative’s.

Hayley is known for her raw movement quality and intention based approach specializing in contemporary and improvisation. Paone is able to pull the emotional expression out of each of her students and help them connect with different storylines and their peers. She is fuelled to create from life experiences and has been able to restate many of these moments with the dancers she works with today.


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